Electrical Muscle Stimulation is an exceptional way to help the body through the healing process. This is accomplished by sending a very small electrical current into soft tissue that is injured or a muscle suffering from spasms. The therapy utilizes this current in an effort to help reduce swelling and release trigger points that may have the muscle locked up. It does this by helping the body to release endorphins, which have the effect of helping to relieve pain.

Electric Muscle Stimulation works wonderfully on helping to relieve spasms in back or neck muscles. It can help to relax the muscle and allow it to return to its normal state rather quickly. Even a series of short therapy sessions are excellent at facilitating healing from acute and chronic pain.

Healing Touch Chirporactic is happy to provide Electrical Muscle Stimulation in the Evergreen and San Jose areas. If you have any further questions about this type of therapy, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!